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ANA Convention - Atlanta, Georgia - August 8-12, 2001

Several PNNA members attended the Atlanta anniversary convention and had a good time, learned a few things, and maybe even made some new acquisitions! The convention was successful and the host committee did an excellent job, although the convention was not as well attended as the 2000 convention in Philadelphia.

The following photos show some of the activities associated with the convention.

ANA Convention Photos

Loos1_50.jpg (20274 bytes) Campbell_50.jpg (20785 bytes) Wilson_50.jpg (22260 bytes)
ANA Representative's Breakfast
Left - Scott and Lisa Loos, co-coordinators for the Northwest region!
Middle - Outgoing ANA president Robert Campbell.
Right - Incoming ANA president John Wilson.

Ship_gold3_50.jpg (29635 bytes) Ship_gold4_50.jpg (34691 bytes) 1913nickel2_50.jpg (45939 bytes)
Special Exhibits
Left - "Ship of Gold" Exhibit - S.S. Central America.
Middle - "Eureka" 930+ ounce gold bar from the "Ship of Gold."
Right - 1913 Liberty Nickel exhibit.

Rowe_award_50.jpg (19938 bytes) Holcomb_award_50.jpg (30219 bytes)
Left - Larry Rowe receives the Glenn Smedley Memorial Award.
Right - Eric Holcomb (center) receives 1st place in exhibit class 15, Private Mint Issues since 1960.

Teton_50.jpg (17162 bytes) StoneMt_03_c.jpg (43390 bytes)
Educational Programs and Tours
Left - Randy'L H. Teton, ANA intern and model for Sacagawea on the new "golden" dollar,
spoke about "Face of the New Millennium - Sacagawea."
Right - Stone Mountain monument.