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Washington State Fair (Puyallup Fair) Information for 2016

The Fair is over; we'll see you at the Fair again in 2017! The 2016 Fair ran from September 2-25, 2016. Note that the Fair now includes four weekends, but is closed on Tuesdays.

A preliminary report was printed in the 4th Q convention special edition of The Nor'wester, with a final report in the 1st Q (2017) edition of The Nor'wester.

Call for volunteers (information for 2017 is expected to be similar):

Hi! Its Puyallup Fair time again and time to choose the shifts you'd like to play at the PNNA Hobby Hall display. (If you didn't receive a 2016 volunteer schedule and would like to help, please contact Rick using the information below.) As in the past, it's a first come/first serve deal so you can expect the good shifts to go fast. Let Rick know as soon as you can what shifts you'd like. Shift times were the same as usual, however the dates the Fair is open have changed - an extra weekend was added, but the Fair is now closed on Tuesdays.

Want to take in a concert while you're at the Fair? Check this link for concert info:

Starting the first of May Rick will be taking the schedule around to local Puget Sound area coin club meetings to pitch the Fair and sign up volunteers. Let Rick know if you would like to do the same in your geographic area.

If you'd like more information about the Fair, the PNNA Hobby Hall display or you're interested in volunteering, call PNNA Fair coordinator Rick Schulz at 253-535-0690 or email him at Thanks.

Washington State Fair (Puyallup Fair) Information for 2015

The 2015 Fair ran from September 11-27, 2015.

A report was printed in the 4th Q convention special edition of The Nor'wester.

Washington State Fair (Puyallup Fair) Information for 2014

The 2014 Fair ran from September 5-21, 2014.

From the 4th Q 2014 edition of The Nor'wester; report by PNNA Fair coordinator Rick Schulz

So far the weather and turnout have been good. The birth year penny search and foreign coins are a hit with kids of all ages. Some “Wheaties” were added for older kids! The penny press with the new Washington State Fair design is also a hit. The Fair management must have paid attention last year to the number of pressed pennies handed out. This year the Fair has its own penny press (photo below at right) with four different dies!

Photos courtesy of Kevin Charboneau (PNNA display at top) and Don Tjossem. The people in the photos below are Rick Schulz and elongated collector Becky Alexander. Click on the photo to see the enlarged version.

Posted March 16, 2014 by Richard Schulz

When this article was written it was almost six months until the Washington State Fair (that is what the Puyallup Fair is called now). It may seem kind of early to be talking about the Fair but we just wanted to give everyone a heads-up.

I'm sure most of you know that the PNNA sponsors a display at the Hobby Hall of the Washington State Fair every year and 2014 is no exception. This year's coordinator for the Hobby Hall display is Rick Schulz. Rick is tasked with developing and setting up the display and rounding up volunteers to man the display during the run of the Fair.

Soon Rick will start visiting local clubs with his signup sheet. Many people look forward to Rick's visit and are eager to sign up for a shift or two or three. This is great but there a lot of shifts to fill and regulars account for about half the shifts needed. Most of our volunteers come from local clubs in the Puget Sound area. For the past few years we've also been getting volunteers from the Portland and Salem areas. We'd like to see volunteers from other parts of the Pacific Northwest as well.

The Fair runs from September 5, 2014 to September 21, 2014. If visiting Western Washington is in your plans during this period why not plan a day at the Fair? All those who volunteers for a four hour shift in the Hobby Hall will get passes to the Fair. Shifts run from 10 AM-2 PM, 2 PM-6 PM and 6 PM-10 PM each day of the Fair. Before and after your shift you're free to enjoy all the marvels the Fair has to offer.

World class entertainers perform at the Fair every year. Maybe one of your favorites will be there this year. Wouldn't that be a good reason to visit Puyallup for a day or two? If you're interested in seeing who's scheduled check out the Fair web site, (Note: concert tickets are extra!)

Volunteers are asked to staff the display for a four hour shift to answer questions posed by Fair visitors. Often heard questions include, "My husband recently died and I'm left with his collection. What do I do with it?" Or, "I've had this old silver dollar for years, what's it worth?" Questions can be on any aspect of numismatics and it is understandable that we're all not experts on every aspect of our hobby. If you can't answer a question you probably know someone who can or you can suggest books to read or even suggest a local coin club or show for an answer. There will be flyers listing local clubs and show dates available. (Questions can also be directed to, and we'll find someone to reply.)

Another job for volunteers is to run the penny-birthdate game for the kids. There are a lot of variations to this game but basically a child will search a tray of pennies until for one from their birth year. The volunteer will 2x2 it up for the child to take home a souvenir. There will also be a tray of foreign coins to be 2x2ed and given as prizes. This is a lot of fun and the kids (of all ages) are great.

Also, this will be the second year we've had the penny press at the Fair. Last year the penny press was an enormous success. This year we will have a new design for our 2014 Washington State Fair pressed penny. Kids of all ages will be eager to add the new squished penny to their collection.

Rick will start visiting local clubs in May but scheduling conflicts and travel distances make it hard for Rick to visit every PNNA member club and that is where you come in. If you are reading this you are most likely a PNNA member and a member of a local club. We'd ask you to take this offer to your next club meeting and share it with your fellow members.