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The PNNA committees listed here are appointed by the board of directors (see PNNA officers page), and are responsible for carrying out their respective tasks, as well as advising the board. New committee members were assigned by the 2018-2020 board of directors, as of July 14, 2018.

Please let us know if you would like to assist with a PNNA committee. Thank you!

PNNA Committees

Committee Name / Chair(s) Other Committee Members / Info.
Awards / Scholarships
Danny Bisgaard, Chair
Phone 503-588-8162
Ron Engholm, Dennis Reed.
See PNNA awards page for more information about the various awards.
Convention (Tukwila):
Kevin Charboneau, Convention General Chairman
Convention (Tukwila):
Scott Loos (Bourse Chair)
Gawain O’Connor (Theater)
Dennis Reed (Dealer Rep)
Convention information:
Spring (Tukwila)
Convention (Portland):
Ed Fischer, Convention General Chairman
Phone 503-507-6721
Convention (Portland):
Scott Loos (Bourse Chair)
WCC Board of Directors
Convention information:
Fall (Portland)
Convention Security / Dealer Badges
Kevin Charboneau,
Convention General Chairman
Scott Loos and James Reinders.
James maintains the badging equipment and provides tech support. Dealers or members with badging questions or concerns should contact the convention general chairman or bourse chairman.
James Bard
, Chair
Corvallis, OR
James Reinders, Scott Loos, Tony Kalt.
Functions: Seminars/Symposiums, Numismatic Theater (provide/coordinate speakers for conventions).
See education committee report.
James Free, Chair
Ron Engholm, Danny Bisgaard, Scott Loos.
Eric Holcomb (preparation of ballots).
See officers page for more election information.
Thomas Tullis
, Chair
Puyallup, WA
Gawain O’Connor, James Free, Ron Engholm.
J. Eric Holcomb - Chief Judge.
WCC exhibits: Larry Gaye.
See exhibits page for more information.
Thomas Tullis
, Chair
Puyallup, WA
Ron Engholm - Vice-Chair; Dennis Reed - Increase awareness of PNNA; Richard Schulz - Flyers, ads, brochures.
Eric H. - Paid Membership Coordinator; supply data for badges, mailing, etc.
See membership page for more information.
Outreach (Scouts, YNs and Puyallup Fair):
Tony Kalt, Chair
Enumclaw, WA
Dennis Reed, Ed Fischer, Kellen Hoard
Richard Schulz (Puyallup Fair),
James Reinders - Scouts.
Activities include the annual Puyallup Fair (Hobby Hall booth) and YN and Scout activities.
Danny Bisgaard, Chair
Danny B. - The Nor'wester mailing.
Mark G. and Rick S. - Show calendar printing and distribution.
Editor / Webmaster (appointed):
J. Eric Holcomb (
See newsletter page for more information.