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President's Message 2012
by PNNA President Danny Bisgaard

4th Quarter 2012

Summer finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest on July 4th. Hopefully some of you got to attend the A.N.A. Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs. I talked to some P.N.N.A. members who attended and they said they had a great time. Other P.N.N.A. members attended the A.N.A. show in Philadelphia and reported light participation.

A big thank you goes to James Reinders and family for hosting the P.N.N.A. July 28th Board meeting. Although in the Portland area, we did have a quorum and discussed some important future events. Please read your minutes to find out what is going on. (See 4th Quarter newsletter for minutes.)

P.N.N.A. Board members have been busy during the summer:

  • We visited the Olympia Coin Club on June 7th and presented a check and certificate for their participation in the A.N.A. National Coin Week. Thank you Scott for providing the check.
  • We visited other P.N.N.A. coin clubs in Oregon (Salem, Albany/Polk County and Willamette Coin Clubs). Thanks go to Ed and John for traveling to the clubs as well as Rick who visited the Willamette Coin Club in July soliciting volunteer participation for the P.N.N.A. booth at the Puyallup Fair. Once again, thanks to Rick Schulz, volunteers and P.N.N.A. Board members that organized and staffed the booth.
  • We awarded plaques for the Tukwila convention exhibit winners to Gerald Williams of the Albany Club and James Reinders of the Willamette Coin Club. Thanks go to Dan for the production of the plaques.
  • Thank you Ed for visiting the Vancouver B.C. club meeting and Seattle Numismatic Society meeting in September.

End of September brings the Willamette Coin Club/P.N.N.A. co-sponsored convention to the Doubletree in Portland on September 29-30. Please consider visiting, exhibiting and if possible, volunteering in some way. A big thank you goes to the show committee and volunteers that make this convention a success every year.

At the Tukwila convention, more volunteers are needed in 2013. Additional information will be provided on the needs and I hope members of the Board and P.N.N.A. will step up to relieve some of the workload on the Convention Committee.

Ed Fisher is chairing the sub-committee on the redesign of the P.N.N.A. logo as well as coordinating the 75th anniversary festivities scheduled for 2015. Got ideas or want to be part of the committee – contact Ed Fischer

The Board serves at your pleasure – please contact any one of us with your suggestions. We want to grow this organization and we want to better educate our members on the subject of numismatics. Please read the article on the first annual Literary Award – we want to see what the P.N.N.A. clubs are doing in communicating club information to their members.

Have a great “numismatic” fall/winter – consider attending the ANA Fall National Money Show in Dallas, October 18-20. Hope to see some of you in Portland.

3rd Quarter 2012

At the Tukwila convention, new officers and board were inducted to lead the P.N.N.A. over the next two years. Here is your new Board for the 2012-2014 term (see officers page or The Nor'wester). I want to personally thank the membership for their confidence in the new Board and to welcome new Board members John Brown, Ed Fischer and Jesse Torres to the Board. In addition, I want to personally thank outgoing Board members John Enges and Bruce Wonder for their past Board service to the P.N.N.A. Thanks also go to Lisa Loos for her leadership the past four years.

The Spring P.N.N.A. convention was held this past April. Interest continues as we watch the volatile metals market. We had steady crowds all three days. Thanks to all the volunteers and to the Convention Committee. We continue to need more volunteers and will address these needs at future Board meetings. Thank you to the King County Coin Club for being the host, Jesse Torres for filling in for the YN treasure hunt and Juanita Labosier and Jasmine Kenny for helping in the hospitality room. We will continue to address the need for a hospitality room at future Board meetings. Again, thanks to all of you that spent endless preparation and labor hours in making the Convention a success.

The Puyallup Fair is just around the corner (September 7-23, 2012). We need volunteers to staff the table at the Fair. We use this opportunity to continue to educate the public about numismatics as well as a recruiting tool. Rick Schulz, Puyallup Fair Coordinator, will begin visiting local clubs to solicit volunteers. The Board encourages you to participate and sign up for a shift or two. By the way, the Fair has great entertainment in the evening. Please contact Rick by e-mail at if you would like to volunteer.

The Board serves at your pleasure – please contact any one of us with your suggestions. We want to grow this organization and we want to better educate our members on the subject of numismatics.

Have a great “numismatic” summer – consider attending the ANA World’s Fair of Money in Philadelphia, August 7-11, 2012. (Please see or for more information.)

President's Message 2012
by PNNA Past President Lisa Loos

2nd Quarter 2012

I am writing this with mixed emotions. Sadly, after four years of leading the PNNA, my term as president has come to an end and it is time for me to step down and make way for the new president. I am happy though for what was accomplished the past four years. The present board was very receptive to trying new things and implementing new ideas. I felt a true camaraderie with this board and I am pleased that I will continue to be an involved participant on the board as Past President.

The many things that were accomplished could not have been done without the outstanding officers and board members. I truly have not worked with a more passionate and hard working group. I want to thank each and every one of you for your dedication and commitment these past years. I know that with the new slate of candidates coming in, this dedication and passion will still be there to help grow the PNNA into the best numismatic organization. On that note, I hope everybody has received their ballot and has sent it back to the election chair, Bill McKivor.

My last official duties as president will occur at the upcoming PNNA convention April 13-15 at the Tukwila Community Center. I encourage every member to attend the board meeting Saturday at 8:00 AM and the general membership meeting that evening at 6:00 PM. This will officially be my send-off as the new slate will be inducted to lead for the next two years. In the past, I have used this membership meeting to introduce the members to all the great work the board has accomplished, and to hold an open Q&A forum. We certainly found the Q&A helpful and made some changes from the feedback that was received. I am confident that the new president will continue this format and continue to hear the voice of the PNNA … its members. The general membership meeting is also where our annual awards are given. Come and see who the recipients will be this year.

Thanks to everybody for your support and confidence in me to be your president. I can’t stress enough how much I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the ride.

Hope to see you all in Tukwila. Thanks again.

1st Quarter 2012

I can’t believe that the year has come to an end. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and found time to relax. As the calendar turns, we have several events to get us back in the swing and not think about all the eggnog and goodies that were consumed.

January 8-9 is the Greater Tacoma Coin Show at the King Oscar in Tacoma. Followed by the Boeing Employees Coin Club Show at the Kent Commons January 21-22. For those of you that are a bit more adventurous, there is the Florida United Numismatists Convention in Orlando January 5-9. These same dates is also the New York International at the Waldorf Astoria in the heart of Manhattan. Whether you stay in the cozy confines of the NW, or travel back east, I am sure you can find that one special gift for yourself.

This new year also brings the close of the current officers and board members terms. (Just think, you only have to endure one more of my President’s messages!) Elections will be happening this quarter. If you know of anyone who would be a valuable asset to the board, please send the nomination to Bill McKivor, Election Chairperson. Keep in mind, there is no harm in nominating yourself.

Best wishes for the New Year. — Lisa