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President's Message 2017
by PNNA President James Reinders

4th Quarter 2017

It was a real joy to have the board over to my house for our summer board meeting. What a great group of numismatists! We approved a new flyer to help promote the PNNA, and we expect to distribute over 7,000 of these new flyers at the Puyallup Fair (officially known as the Washington State Fair) during September. Naturally, a large number of the people we talk to at the Fair (and who take a flyer), will enjoy us for the moment and not think of us again until they see us again in 2018. That’s okay, we cultivate a positive image for coin collecting nonetheless. We definitely spark renewed interest in more than a few, and new interest in some. It’s a great hobby – and many more people realize that when we talk about it! Outreach is very important! The Fair is a tremendous outreach for the PNNA, which benefits clubs throughout the Pacific Northwest. Many thanks to all who found time to volunteer.

An on-going topic of the board is show security, as well as the overall show environment for the dealers, numismatics and general public. We discussed food among other things (food improvements in Tukwila got a lot of positive feedback, as well as better coffee placement in Portland last fall for dealers was a big hit). We seek to keep things secure while making everyone happy and successful. Our badging system has definitely given us much better control and knowledge of who is on the bourse floor during setup and early bird times. It has inconvenienced dealers and volunteers a little by making us remember to bring our PNNA or ANA ID to the shows. So far, that has seemed a small price to pay for the additional peace-of-mind that the proper accountability has had. Also, on the security front, we will debut a pretty simple but effective measure in Portland: video cameras. They will also be used in Tukwila in the spring. Other shows in the nation have found these to be great deterrents, as well as useful should (heaven forbid) something actually happen. They act as deterrents, because those hoping to slip in and out unnoticed now know that is not possible. We will only keep and use the surveillance tapes for security needs. It offers additional peace of mind overnight, when we have at least one security officer on site at all times, but providing additional records of activity as well as a visible deterrent. Honestly, I know we’d rather go look at a cool die variety than dwell on this … so I really appreciate the board’s energy at looking at the reality of the world, and coming up with some incremental improvements that keep us on top of security so we can all enjoy our coin shows. If you run a show, and want to know more about our experiences – feel free to drop us a note. These proactive measures by the board are helping ensure we all have great coin shows!

Tony and John will be reporting back to the board at the Portland Convention on the possibility of an education seminar that could be centrally located. Maybe a grading seminar as the lead topic and some other topics. We encourage members that have a desire and talent in teaching numismatics for this education seminar to let us know. Scott has been talking with Rod Gillis on how the ANA can participate and help. Rod is a tremendous asset to the numismatic community, and there may not be a more proactive and positive person about numismatic education in the world! Of course, he is also the “Dream Crusher,” but that’s a story for a different day.

A real treat at our summer board meeting was that Tony brought the PNNA collection for the Board to see. Tony recently took on the job of being the new curator of our collection of PNNA related items. Tony continues to reconcile what was turned over to him and what is listed on the website. He handed out samples of his worksheet for comments. There were many cool things to see. For some reason, the “New 1959 Memorial Reverse” cents for the 1959 convention caught my eye! I just enjoyed thinking how exciting the new cents must have been in 1959. Tony plans to exhibits parts of the collection at shows from time to time. Personally, I encouraged him to try to highlight parts of it from time-to-time instead of thinking about showing it all at once. I look forward to whatever Tony can pull together!

Upcoming Board Meeting Dates and Locations:

  • Oct. 21, 2017 at the WCC/PNNA Portland Convention, DoubleTree Lloyd Center, Portland, Ore., at about 6 p.m. (earlier if everyone is ready)
  • Jan. 20, 2018 at the Boeing Employees Coin Show, Kent Commons, Kent, Wash., at about 6 p.m. (earlier if everyone is ready)
  • Mar. 17, 2018 at the PNNA Convention, Tukwila Community Center, Tukwila, Wash., at about 8 a.m.

The board and officers serve at your pleasure – please contact any one of us with your suggestions. We want to grow this organization and we want to better educate our members on the subject of numismatics.

There are many coin shows to enjoy this fall (see for up-to-date listings).

Looks like a fun fall ahead! I hope to see many of you this fall in Portland.

3rd Quarter 2017

The Puyallup Fair (officially known as the Washington State Fair) is just around the corner – Sept. 1-24, 2017, closed on Tuesdays and September 6th. We need volunteers to staff the table at the Fair. It’s very rewarding to help – and it gets you into the Fair for a day! Each year we also get help from non-numismatists (like my wife) who really enjoy helping out as well (lots of smiling children enjoy our table). Read more about what we actually do on page 3 with the “Puyallup Fair Time!” article. (See the newsletter online.)

Our table at the Washington State Fair helps us educate the public about numismatics as well as serve us as a recruiting tool. Rick Schulz, Puyallup Fair Coordinator, will be visiting local clubs to solicit volunteers. We encourage you to participate and sign up for a shift or two. By the way, the Fair has great entertainment in the evening. Please contact Rick by email if you would like to volunteer; his email is

You might wonder why we do not have a table at the Oregon State Fair. Well, the board wondered the same thing. Unfortunately, after considerable investigation, and some discussion with the Oregon Fair, we found that the Oregon State Fair is not an appropriate fit currently (or for the foreseeable future). Aside from not having a clear “Hobby Hall” location (the closest is the Hall where the woodworking and Oregon authors are located), the Oregon State Fair is very keen on revenue and had no place for us to have a table without a very high cost to us. The Washington State Fair is much more generous, and views us as an attraction (no charge to us for our table – and they give us a great location). That’s a huge difference. Of course, we keep this opportunity coming year-afteryear through our presence made possibly by our great volunteers. We are always open to other opportunities to have a table/presence that is effective at outreach to the public. Our presence last year at WashJam is a great example, and we cannot say enough about how happy we are to have members on the lookout for such opportunities and helping when they arise. Let us know if you find an opportunity that we should all know about.

The Spring PNNA convention was held March 17-19 in Tukwila, Wash. We had good crowds all three days. We are very thankful for all hard work by the volunteers and the Convention Committee. At the convention, I had the great honor to thank those who help numismatics with our annual awards – details are printed under “PNNA 2017 Annual Awards Summary” starting on page 2 of this newsletter. There is a lot more information about the convention, including exhibit awards, starting on page 4. (See the newsletter online.)

Please enjoy Mark’s article on page 8. It is especially a must read if you think niobium might be a synonym for covfefe, or do not know Element 41 from Area 51.

The Board and Officers serve at your pleasure – please contact any one of us with your suggestions. We want to grow this organization and we want to better educate our members on the subject of numismatics.

There are many coin shows to enjoy this summer and fall (see for up-to-date listings). Looks like a fun summer ahead!

2nd Quarter 2017

I hope to see as many of you as possible at the annual PNNA membership meeting at the Tukwila Community Center on Saturday March 18 at 6:30 p.m. (The show closes at 6 p.m.)

The annual PNNA Convention (the 68th Annual) is Friday, Saturday and Sunday March 17-19 in Tukwila. We proudly know this as both the oldest and biggest annual coin show in the Pacific Northwest. There is plenty of free parking, and admission for the show is only $2/day (children under 12 are free). Public show hours are Friday Noon – 7 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.- 6 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m.-4 p.m. (although, I recommend arriving before noon Sunday to avoid “show wind-down” disappointment, as with any coin show). Thanks to our membership committee, we will have an updated PNNA tri-fold brochure at the show – please be sure to pick up a few to hand out to promote numismatics in the Northwest. As always, the PNNA calendar,, is the place to get more information on this and other coin shows.

Volunteer! We are always in need of a little more help at all our conventions. Even if you have only an hour to spare, we’d love to have your help. Please contact convention chairman Kevin Charboneau ( about volunteer opportunities in Tukwila, Rick Schulz ( for volunteer opportunities at this year’s Washington State (Puyallup) Fair (September 1-24, 2017), and Ed Fischer ( for volunteer opportunities at this year’s WCC/PNNA convention in Portland, October 21-22, 2017.

Or – ask for Kevin, or myself, at the show itself and help us while you are there! The conventions are only possible because so many members offer up their time to help. We are always grateful for all the help. Of course – if you volunteer, we’ll waive the admission fee for you. A small thank you, I know … but every little bit helps!

The Boeing Employees show in January saw Tony Kalt busy again with many Boy Scouts attending his Coin Collecting Merit Badge sessions. Tony will be working with Scouts in Tukwila as well (more information – including a PDF flyer – at If you are involved in Boy Scouts – we’d love your help promoting it. A personal email to a Troop or District leader, or to Scouts, can really help. Of course, we have opportunities in October in Portland as well.

Girl Scouts – we’ve not had many requests in the past two years. We schedule Girl Scouts “on request” because they tend to sign up on a Troop basis (unlike boys who come as individuals). If you are involved in Girls Scouts, we can arrange a “Fun with Money” patch workshop on demand around the Pacific Northwest. I’m the one to contact for more information (

The bourse in Kent was busy enough, and there were certainly a lot of numismatic items of all kinds available. There were some nice collector exhibits too. All in all, a very nice show again!

The Board discussed a few interesting things which we would always enjoy getting feedback on:

  • If we organize a weekend seminar (a class – such as “Coin grading”) – what, and when, would people be interested in attending?
  • Annual awards – input is always welcome! Who do you know that we should recognize?
  • Summer scholarships for the ANA Summer Seminar – we hope you have applied if you are interested in some help attending. If not, there is always next year. (Put it on your calendar!)
  • Show security – we continue to work behind the scenes to keep our shows safe and secure. We added photo identification for non-public hours last year, and we have always had a security guard (or police) presence visible and invisible. We have more non-intrusive things planned to keep things very safe and secure. We welcome input.

The Board and Officers serve at your pleasure – please contact any one of us with your suggestions. We want to grow this organization and we want to better educate our members on the subject of numismatics.

There are many coin shows to enjoy this spring and summer (see for up-to-date listings). Looks like a fun year ahead! I am looking forward to seeing many of you in Tukwila.

1st Quarter 2017

Wow, a new year is coming. I hope you have enjoyed your fall and holidays, and are ready for an exciting 2017.

The new year kicks off with the Greater Tacoma Coin Show at the King Oscar in Tacoma on January 7, and the Coin/Currency/Token/Medal Show at the Clackamas Banquet Center on January 8. Patti has done an excellent job keeping this quarterly show in the Portland area, an important staple for Portland numismatists. Many more shows follow: is the place to get more information.

The Boeing Employees show is just around the corner, January 21-22, and our Spring Convention and Annual Meeting for the PNNA is March 17-19. [Note: There are also PNNA board meetings scheduled at both of these events. See below.]

With the annual PNNA convention coming up so soon, it is time for quite a number of annual awards which help us recognize the many fine contributions our members make to our clubs and the hobby. Please take a moment to drop Danny, or myself, or any board member a note if you have any input on someone we should recognize. We really appreciate any input you might have. Please, drop us a note today (don’t delay). Thank you.

I especially hope to see you all at the annual PNNA membership meeting on March 18 in Tukwila.

The Board and Officers serve at your pleasure – please contact any one of us with your suggestions. We want to grow this organization and we want to better educate our members on the subject of numismatics.

And, as Danny used to say, “Have a great numismatic winter,” and we’ll see you in 2017!