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President's Message 2019
by PNNA President James Reinders

1st Quarter 2019

So much to discuss: Conder Tokens Collectors Club, Facebook ads bringing in new blood, the amazing instructor Brian Silliman helping us avoid ‘the coin you wish you never bought,’ exhibiting, and how to guide us on future numismatic seminars. I hope you’ll yield a few minutes to my ramblings here ...

October brought us the WCC/PNNA Fall Convention, and the Numismatic Seminar, and they were both great! I reported that the seminar was a sell-out (room capacity), but fortunately a larger room became available and we were able to admit everyone on the wait list! We appreciate the patience of people who were disappointed when they tried to register, but put themselves on a waitlist to give us a chance to accommodate them – which we did!

At our next board meeting (Saturday January 19) we will be discussing how and when to hold the next numismatic seminar, this time around the Seattle area in 2020. Feel free to offer your input to any board member of the PNNA! The feedback on locating in Portland was very positive (verses finding a “neutral in-between Portland/Seattle” location) because only half the attendees needed hotels rooms. I got to go home each night personally, and I look forward to a spring 2020 seminar where I stay in a hotel and let half the attendees go home. Personally, I’d also love to see some Coeur d'Alene and Spokane area encouragement for the PNNA to help attract a seminar in that region … I only need a little encouragement!

About the Seminar – officially titled “Coin Grading, Problem Coins & Conservation” – the instructor Brian Silliman was amazing. Everyone in attendance got far more from the class because of him, than all the book reading (or internet surfing) in the world could offer. He was knowledgeable, genuine and raw (in a good way). He talked openly and honestly about what is done to coin in the name of ‘conserving’ as well as to improve the look to an untrained eye for a fast buck. Our eyes were both opened, and trained, to be better at avoiding (as Brian put it) ‘the coin you wish you never bought.’

The Portland show was well attended, and we collected data on how people heard about the show for the first time ever. Yes, this well-known marketing technique of knowing your customer is creeping in for us with the best intentions. We want to make sure our past attendees don’t forget to attend each year, but we also want to bring in new blood. With that in mind, the WCC board spent a little money on Facebook ads. Some curmudgeons like myself had our doubts – but the surveys don’t lie. The show brought in some new (first time attendees) people with targeted Facebook ads. Of course, we didn’t “invent” new coin collectors, but we did connect with some local ones who had not been to the show. We are going to adopt some of the WCC practices to help bring people into the Tukwila show. I am grateful for this innovation by the WCC board.

I also enjoyed the Salem show in early December. I was honored to win some exhibiting awards there, which brings me to my next advertisement: I will do an exhibiting workshop on January 27, 1-4 p.m., at the location where the WCC (Portland) club meets. I will also repeat the workshop (maybe condensed) sometime during the Tukwila show. Over the past decade, I have gone from a complete novice exhibitor, to an intense nation competitor, back to a nice guy who likes to exhibit! At least, I hope to be remembered that way. I think the exhibiting workshop will be a lot of fun – and I’ll provide practical tips on how to get-off-your-butt and share pieces form your wonderful collection. I’ll also provide tips on how to win awards, if that if your thing too – but mostly, I’ll encourage sharing! I hope to see many of you on January 27 in Portland, and March 16 or 17 (to be announced) in Tukwila.

The Conder Token Collector’s Club ( is an odd but lovable group. If you do not know them, you should. Their long-time president, Bill McKivor, is looking to pass the reigns to a new president. Those are enormous shoes to fill, so allow me to share some advice: new presidents should grow into the shoes, not expect to fill them immediately. (Danny – I’m working on it – honest!) In any case, if you’ve ever thought tokens were cool … I’d encourage you to seek out these crazies. They tend to hang out at coin shows near McKivor’s or Bobbe’s table, and they usually have a semi-official meeting in Tukwila. They really aren’t crazier than the rest of us, but I like calling them crazy (esp. Jerry Bobbe, for the record).

Technology Insight

Have you ever visited ? It allows you to upload any image you want, and Google will analyze it and show you similar things on the web. You should upload a picture of a coin, currency, animal, or whatever and give it a try. I find it super useful at finding what’s on the web about a coin or currency piece that I have. — More details in March!

Upcoming Board Meeting Dates and Locations:

  • January 19, 2019 at the Boeing Employees’ Coin Club show, Kent Commons, right after show closes.
  • March 16, 2019 at the PNNA show in Tukwila, 8 a.m. (The annual membership meeting is after the show that same day.)
  • Summer 2019 TBD.
  • November 2, 2019 at the WCC/PNNA show in Portland at the DoubleTree Lloyd Center, around 6 p.m.

Guests are always welcome to drop in on any board meeting - they are always open! There are many coin shows to enjoy this spring; see for up-to-date listings. Paper calendars will also be available at the Boeing, Tukwila and Portland shows.