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Introducing PAN, The Pacific Ancient Numismatists

We are an association of collectors dedicated to the advancement of Ancient Numismatists in the Pacific Northwest.

Our monthly meetings are held at the Bellevue Public Library on the 2nd Sunday (except June-August) beginning at 1:00 PM. Programs are presented by members and guests on a wide variety of subjects related to life in the ancient world.

Although many of our members are experienced collectors and some are professional dealers, beginners are encouraged to join and participate in all of our club activities.

Membership in our club will enhance a collectors knowledge and appreciation of the hobby while opening up opportunities for new acquisitions.

Annual dues are $7.00 payable to PAN. When joining PAN, please include your name, mailing address, and any additional contact information you wish to give. (e.g., phone numbers, e-mail, etc.)

  • Primary contact:
    Pacific Ancient Numismatists
    c/o Sam Fahrer
    Phone 206-526-5376

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