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PNNA Reference Section

The PNNA reference section is a collection of useful numismatic information written by various PNNA members, as well as links to some outside sources of information.

The PNNA board has not reviewed, approved or endorsed this information. Some of the information represents the opinions of a single individual and should not necessarily be considered authoritative or comprehensive. You are advised to always obtain two or more opinions (and bids, if applicable) before taking action such as buying and selling coins when a significant amount of money is involved.

How to submit material for this section

The PNNA memorabilia catalog! (includes PNNA wooden nickels, medals, tokens and elongated cents)

Introductions to Numismatics:
See Joseph Boling's introduction to numismatics class notes below.

American Numismatic Association (ANA) information and resources:
See the ANA's main website and its menus for additional resources.
ANA Coin Collecting & Numismatic Tools (including getting started)
ANA Coin Press (numismatic blog)
ANA Consumer Alerts & Bulletins | ANA Consumer Awareness Resources
ANA Legacy Series (interviews)
ANA Mediation Services
ANA Member Benefits (including insurance, grading services, discounts, etc.)
ANA Member Clubs (club directory)
ANA Member Dealers (find a dealer)
ANA Money Museum Virtual Exhibits | Tales from the Vault (of the ANA collection)

Ancient Coins:
Ancient Numismatics / More Ancient Coin Stories

Bank Notes of Algeria and Tunisia (as French colonies) by Steve Cox
This is a low-resolution (100 dpi) version. Contact the PNNA for a higher resolution version.

Tips for Buying & Selling Bullion coins (from the ANA)

Counterfeit Detection:
New (10/2017)! NGC comprehensive counterfeit detection resource
Counterfeit Detection Seminar (Report on March 1999 seminar in Seattle)

United States Coins:
United States Colonials - A Picture Gallery
Howard Spindel's Shield Nickel Site

Tokens and Medals:
Token & Medal Page

Information from PNNA Webmaster/Past President Eric Holcomb:
Coin Buying and Selling
Coin Grading and Cleaning
Collecting vs. Investing - recently (2017) updated!
Coin Shows

Information from former PNNA Secretary/Treasurer Joseph Boling:
Introduction to numismatics class notes

Information from PNNA Past President Tom Sheehan:
Coin preservation and disposition
Coin investing (out of date, but still worth reading)

Speakers and Programs:
PNNA Speakers List

Professional Numismatists Guild YouTube channel, including Money: History in Your Hands, starring actor James Earl Jones, originally released in 1995.

Why You Need to Have a Hobby and related topics
Recommended by
Benefit of collecting coins adds up (from The Chicago Tribune)
Coin Collecting: Beginnerís Guide (from
How to Store Coins (from
Why You Need to Have a Hobby (from
Find Your Passion: Making Room for Hobbies (from Pickup Please)
50 Self-Coaching Questions To Help You Find Your Passion (from
Why Kids Need Hobbies (from Better Homes & Gardens)
Share Your Hobbies With Your Child (from
The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Own At-Home Hobby Workshop (from

Miscellaneous Articles, Reports and Resources:
Numismatic Remembrance of National Tragedies
Willamette Coin Club original articles by club members
Who were the original Nor'westers?

PNNA Member Web Site Links

Outside Information Sources