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Ancient Numismatics by Joseph Kleinman

Consider to possibility that you and I are Romans. Consider the possibility that what they were, we are. This is how I begin a program on The Third Century and the Fall of Rome, just one of the many programs presented at our PAN Meetings. We are The Pacific Ancient Numismatists, a club dedicated to the advancement of Ancient Numismatics in the Pacific Northwest.

Did you ever stop to consider that you and I are the inheritors of the great civilizations developed by Greece and Rome? These English words that you are reading are 2/3 Latin written with the Latin Alphabet. Our Democratic form of government was developed in Ancient Athens and our Republican Constitution in Ancient Rome. The Atomic Theory was first proposed in Greece as well as the Germ Theory of Disease. Time does not allow me to discuss all the many benefits that the ancients have passed down to us.

Now consider that very few us actually own a genuine piece of art created by our ancient benefactors. This is a situation that never has to exist. Ancient coins can tell us so much about our common past and the people who lived it. Anybody of moderate means can own an ancient coin or several of them. Any number of different themes can be used to build an impressive collection.

Our club is a resource for collectors who want to learn and grow in this wonderful hobby. We welcome and encourage beginners to fully participate in all of our activities. We have as members experienced collectors as well as respected professionals who are more then willing to guide and assist you.