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The Nor'wester cover, 2nd Q 2016

APRIL 22-24, 2016

Tukwila Community Center
12424 42nd Ave. So.
Tukwila, WA

The Nor'wester 2nd Q 2016 Heritage ad
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PNNA Spring Convention Report - 2016

The biggest annual coin show in the Pacific Northwest, sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association (PNNA) and now in its 16th year in Tukwila, was once again a big success, with strong attendance in moderate weather conditions (except for some heavy rain on Sunday). Total three-day paid attendance was approximately 1,000 as usual. See the convention program with dealer list (PDF file).

In addition to bourse activity, there were exhibits, awards, numismatic theater and club meetings on Saturday, and a popular Young Numismatists (YN) program.

See 2016 Spring Convention special edition of The Nor'wester online.

  • Some of the award winners are pictured below.

  • Juniors on the bourse floor were excited to have the opportunity to complete a set of numismatic items as part of the Young Numismatist (YN) "Treasure Hunt" game. Participation was strong on Saturday, with the program once again conducted this year by ANA Past President Walt Ostromecki.

  • A Boy Scout workshop was offered by James Reinders and Tony Kalt, and was well-attended this year, with more than 30 Scouts.

  • There were four competitive collector exhibits this year in 12 cases. Two additional non-competitive exhibits were a PNNA convention memorabilia exhibit maintained by Del Cushing, and an exhibit of Medallic Art Company medals.

  • There were souvenir elongated coins with a new design, and you could make your own with the PNNA’s “penny press.”

  • The annual PNNA general membership and awards meeting was held on Saturday April 23 after the close of the bourse.

  • See the 3rd Q 2016 edition of The Nor'wester for board and general membership meeting minutes.

Special thanks to Kevin Charboneau for serving as general chairman for the 2016 convention. This was Kevin's third convention as chairman, and he did a nice job once again.

The PNNA is pleased to announce that the association's annual convention will again be held at the Tukwila Community Center, March 17-19, 2017 (earlier dates due to Easter and other major numismatic conventions).

Thank You - PNNA Dealers - 2016 Spring Convention

Brian Jenner, John Struzan, James P. Hart, Bill's Rare Coins, Nova Online, Inc., Rick Hobson, Mountain High Enterprises, Larry Gaye/Jerry Bobbe, Northgate Rare Coin, Beaverton Coin & Currency, Renton Coin Shop, Capital Coins, Inc., Seattle Coin Shop, Port Gardner Bay Coins, Michael Bezayiff, Liberty Coin and Currency, DJ's Coins, Crown Hill Coins, Tom Sheehan, The Copper Corner, Bruce D.Wonder, Tipsico Coin LLC, Aurora Coin, Coins Unlimited, Scott & Lisa Loos World Coins, James Hanna, JMS Coins, West Coast Coins, Civitas Galleries, Butternut, David Weinstein, Jason Failla, Gamble Bay Coins, Steve Estes, Eggimann's Rare Coins, Inc., B.U.S.T. Coinage, Magpie Collectibles, Rare Coin Scholars LLC, Daniel Waller, Rob Anglemier, Emporium Coin & Currency, Westside Coins & Currency LLC, Chick McCormick, Northwest Exonumia, Rendezvous C&S, John Howe, Bellevue Rare Coins, Dave Helton, Americana Rare Coin Inc., S&T Coins, Jeff Shevlin - So Called Guy, Grunberg Schloss Collector's Cabinet, The Coin Market, LLC, Coin Exchange of Treasure Valley, American Copper Coins, A World Currency, Can-Am Coins, Mike Bianco, B&I Coin Shop, Bob's Rare Coins, Travis Parsons, New Orleans Rare Coins, ANACS, Rheasana Numismatics, Tacoma Mall Blvd Coin & Stamp Inc., Douglas F. Bird, Inc., The Roamin Roman, Inc., Gary Groll, Dr. Eugene Bruder, MJPM, Inc., Pinnacle Rarities, Inc., Lacey Rare Coins, Inc., Lanny Hawley, The Penny Lady, South Hill Rare Coins.

Numismatic Theater and Club Meetings
Saturday, April 23, 2016
Time Speaker/Organizer Topic/Group
8:00 AM Danny Bisgaard PNNA board meeting.
Noon Eric Holcomb "Olympic Participation Medals of the Summer Games."
1:00 PM Tom Tullis Keynote address - "Know your Notes: Educational Sources for United States National Bank Notes"
(also see related article in The Nor'wester).
2:00 PM Pacific Ancient Numismatists - Delane Hewett "Fakes and Forgeries of Ancient Coins" - Learn some of the techniques forgers use to fool the unwary and methods to protect yourself in your purchases. We will examine the history of fakes from ancient through modern times, learn about many of the notorious forgers, discuss different techniques they use and we will examine many real examples of the known types.
3:00 PM Buell Ish Colonial Coin Collector's Club (C4) meeting.
A must for collectors of U.S. Colonial coins!
5:00 PM Eric Holcomb Exhibitors and Judges meeting.
6:30 PM Danny Bisgaard PNNA general membership meeting, awards presentation and conclusion of 75th anniversary year!

PNNA 2016 Spring Convention Photos (PNNA Awards)

Outgoing PNNA President Danny Bisgaard opens the general membership and awards meeting. Incoming PNNA President James Reinders takes over at the general membership and awards meeting and makes his opening remarks!
Danny Bisgaard (left) received the Bob Everett Memorial Award from new PNNA president James Reinders (right). Danny has served the ANA and PNNA in many capacities! Tony Kalt (left) received the Nina Nystrom Memorial Goodwill Ambassador Award from PNNA president Danny Bisgaard (right). Tony has been active in many ways including with the YNs and Boy Scouts.
2016 PNNA presidential awards were presented to Tukwila convention chairman Kevin Charboneau, Tukwila/Portland bourse chairman Scott Loos, Tukwila exhibit chairman and convention assistant Dan Vornbrock, and Editor/Webmaster/Chief Judge Eric Holcomb. Kevin Charboneau (right) receives his presidential award from Danny Bisgaard (left).
Scott Loos (right) receives his presidential award from Danny Bisgaard (left). Eric Holcomb (right) receives his presidential award from Danny Bisgaard (left).
PNNA literary awards for best club newsletter (2016 for 2015 newsletters) were as follows: 1st place - Cowlitz Coin Club, 2nd place - Olympia Coin Club, 3rd place - South Hill Coin Club. PNNA literary awards for best article in The Nor'wester (2nd Q 2015 - 1st Q 2016) were as follows: 1st Place - Mark Benvenuto, 2nd Place - Ed Fischer, 3rd Place - Ben Mous. See the linked page for details.
Dennis Reed (left) accepts the 2nd place best club newsletter award from Danny Bisgaard (right) on behalf of the Olympia Coin Club. Rick Schulz (right) accepts the 3rd place best club newsletter award from Danny Bisgaard (left) on behalf of the South Hill Coin Club.
Ed Fischer (right) accepts the 2nd place best article award from Danny Bisgaard (left). This year's keynote speaker was Tom Tullis, speaking about "Know your Notes: Educational Sources for United States National Bank Notes" (also see related article in The Nor'wester and related collector exhibit).