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Exhibit Results at the 2005 PNNA Convention

(When a class is omitted, there were no entries in that class.)

Class 3 Tokens, Medals and Decorations
1st Place, C.E. Heppner Award (Tokens, Medals, and Decorations),
Byron F. Johnson Memorial (Best of Show) Award Eric Holcomb
We Came in Peace for All Mankind - A Selection of Apollo 11 Medals

Class 5 General or Specialized
1st Place Susan L. Billings
Chasing Alcoholics Anonymous Founders Day Conference Tokens

Non-competitive Exhibits
PNNA Memorabilia, Canadian Commemorative Silver Dollars

Judges: Joseph Boling, Arthur and Prue Fitts.

PNNA Exhibits - What Next? by Larry Rowe, Exhibit Chairman

Exhibiting at PNNA conventions is somewhat of a mystery. Why are entries declining each year? The purpose of going to the trouble of building an exhibit is to show off what you collect to other collectors and the public in such a way as to stimulate interest and promote education. By creating categories for displays and having competition it encourages exhibitors to make attractive displays and develop their skills. To be best in your category or best of show can be a great sense of achievement. The PNNA has several ways to support exhibiting. The best numismatic judge of exhibits in the nation, Joe Boling, is our chief judge. He is assisted by other judges all who have been trained by him. PNNA offers nice awards for winners, and monetary awards to the best of show winner to advance their display to ANA competition. PNNA offers space at each convention for displays. So why are there not more displays? Is it because they do not have a high sense of priority? Is it due to the rather complex application form? Is it because the awards do not mean much anymore? I would like to hear from anyone who might have a suggestion about how exhibiting might be improved. (Please contact the current PNNA board via

Congratulations to the competitive winners. I also want to thank our guest judges from ANA who assisted Joe Boling. Prue and Arthur Fitts from Framingham, MA came to our convention this year. It was great to have them bring their expertise to judge our exhibits. (Yes, they were certified by Joe.)

Exhibits at the 2005 ANA Anniversary Convention

Fifty-five exhibitors showed eighty-two competitive exhibits at the San Francisco ANA convention (ANA World's Fair of Money). The following PNNA members were participants: Dr. Robert Myles (three exhibits); Ellis Corets (four exhibits); Steve Cox (2nd runner-up for best in show); James Reinders (two exhibits); Tom Sheehan (two exhibits); Michael Turrini; Eric Holcomb, and Allen Berman. This is an exceptional turnout by members of our association. PNNA officers or members Arthur Fitts, Prue Fitts, Eric Holcomb, Scott Loos, Tom Sheehan, John Wilson, and Joe Boling served as judges in San Francisco.