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Exhibit Results at the 2006 PNNA Convention

(When a class is omitted, there were no entries in that class.)

Class 3 — Tokens, Medals and Decorations
1st Place, C.E. Heppner Award (Tokens, Medals, and Decorations),
Ellis Corets – The Fossil Collection

Class 4 — World Coins and Paper Money
1st Place – Gawain O’Connor – 10 Shillings Irish
2nd Place – Greg Franck-Weiby – Spectrum of Paper Money

Class 5 — General or Specialized
1st Place – Prue Morgan Fitts – Coins & Commerce Along the Silk Road
2nd Place – Dave Whitcher – Holey Coins

Class 6 — Pacific Northwest Numismatic Material
1st Place, C.E. Heppner Award (Tokens, Medals, and Decorations),
Byron F. Johnson Memorial (Best of Show) Award — Ellis Corets
Washington Territory Centennial Medal

Judges: Joseph Boling, Eric Holcomb, Arthur Fitts.

Exhibits Improve by Larry Rowe, Exhibit Chairman

It was encouraging to have more people participate in exhibiting at the PNNA convention and coin show this year. There was quite a variety of numismatic interest represented at the show. I have been trying to find ways to reverse the steady decline of exhibits over the past years, and am encouraged by the turn around. This does not mean that there isn’t room for further improvement. Exhibiting is fun; try it next year!

We had the honor of ANA Director Prue Fitts attending the show and entering an exhibit of her own. Sadly, we will no longer have the services of Joe Boling in future conventions. He has served as Chief Judge for many years. He is moving to Indiana later this year, and will not be available for service. I wish to thank Joe for his many years of dedication to PNNA. Thanks also to Eric Holcomb and Arthur Fitts who served as judges.

Thanks to all who participated in exhibiting at the PNNA convention this year!

2006 PNNA / Willamette Coin Club Show Exhibits
by Larry Rowe, Exhibit Chairman

The second annual event was held October 14-15, 2006 in Portland.

This was the second year that a new fall show under the joint sponsorship of the PNNA and WCC was held. In planning for this event, no provisions for competitive exhibiting were made. There were no judges available to judge, and no money was provided for awards. Therefore, it was decided that there would only be non-competitive exhibits. Of course, fully competitive exhibits will continue at the spring show in Tukwila. The PNNA provided table space, cases and security for any exhibits brought to the Portland show. Larry encouraged any exhibitor to display at the Portland show to obtain the experience and share their collecting interest with the public.

Exhibits at the 2006 ANA Anniversary Convention
Seven PNNA members served as judges at the Denver World’s Fair of Money, where four PNNA members were exhibitors. Ellis Corets won second runner up for best of show with his exhibit “The State of Israel Anniversary of Independence Commemoratives 1958-1980,” which also won the Judaica class. J. Eric Holcomb won second place in the tokens class for “A Brief Introduction to Conder Tokens.” John Wilson won the obsolete paper money class with “Scovill Manufacturing Co.,” with Corets taking third for “Original Stock Certificate of the Second Bank of the United States.” In US gold coins, Kenneth R. Hill took second place with “An Oregon Exchange Company 5D. Gold Piece.” Corets won the modern mint medals class with “The Fossil Collection.”