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Exhibit Results at the 2007 PNNA Convention

(When a class is omitted, there were no entries in that class.)

Class 4 — World Coins and Paper Money
2nd Place – Greg Franck-Weiby – History of the Penny
(and why the cent is not a penny)

Judges: Del Cushing, Tom Sheehan, Eric Holcomb.

Exhibiting at PNNA Becoming a Thing of the Past
by Larry Rowe, Exhibit Chairman

Exhibiting at a PNNA convention used to be an exhilarating experience. There were several entries covering many numismatic interests, with competition within various classes. Over the recent years the number of exhibits has decreased. Last year I was encouraged by a small increase in exhibiting, but this year there was only one exhibit entered in competition. I have asked for suggestions on how to improve exhibiting at PNNA, but have not received any replies. Over the years I have made small revisions to help improve participation, all with no results. Am I not doing a good job of conducting the exhibit program? Does PNNA not place enough importance on exhibits at conventions? Please let me know what you think. Enough of my ranting. Here is this year’s report.

As there was only one competitive entry, it was judged and an award given for the points it received. A single entry does not automatically receive first place. Needless to say, there were no awards given for Best of Show or Best Tokens and Medals this year.

Thanks to the following persons who entered non-competitive displays. They made the exhibit area interesting for the viewing public!

  • Tom Sheehan – A Selection of Washington State National Bank Notes

  • Gawain O’Conner – Ten Shillings Irish 1928-1968

  • Steve Cox – A Timeline History of the Quarter Dollar

  • J .Eric Holcomb – Medallic Portraits of Washington (poster exhibit)

  • Milt Blackburn – Tonga, the Friendly Islands; Seychelles ‘Sex’ Banknote; and Black Parrot of the Seychelles

Thanks also to Del Cushing, Tom Sheehan and Chief Judge Eric Holcomb for their participation in the judging process.

Let’s try to do better next year. The public does look at the displays. This is a good way to show off your special interest and educate others.

Editor’s Note: Some of the above exhibits (plus a few others) were also shown at the Washington State Quarter launch ceremony. So at least we did have one exhibiting success this spring! Dick Billings was also able to obtain the Mint’s “Excite-MINT” banner from the launch ceremony and display it at the convention.