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Exhibit Results at the 2008 PNNA Convention

(When a class is omitted, there were no entries in that class.)

Class 3 Tokens, Medals and Decorations
1st Place & C.E. Heppner Award (Tokens, Medals, and Decorations)
Del Cushing Lunar Medals

Class 4 World Coins and Paper Money
1st Place & Byron F. Johnson Memorial (Best of Show) Award
Gerald R. Williams China: 25 Centuries in the Round

Class 5 General or Specialized
1st Place Del Cushing Community Script

Class 6 Pacific Northwest Numismatic Material
1st Place Del Cushing Totems on Northwest Collectibles

Judges: Tom Sheehan, Ken Hill.

Thanks to Del Cushing and Milt Blackburn for also bringing some non-competitive displays. They made the exhibit area more interesting for the viewing public!