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Exhibit Results at the 2009 PNNA Convention

(When a class is omitted, there were no entries in that class.)

Class 4 — World Coins and Paper Money
1st Place & Byron F. Johnson Memorial (Best of Show) Award —
Steve Cox – The Bank Notes of the Bank of Tabasco
2nd Place – Milt Blackburn – Zimbabwe’s Inflation Currency – 2006-2009

Class 5 — General or Specialized
1st Place — Larry Gaye — What is Arab Byzantine Coinage?
2nd Place – Tom Sparks — The Short Snorter Project

Judges: Del Cushing, Al Westerhof, Eric Holcomb.

2009 Convention Exhibit Report by Larry Rowe, Exhibit Chairman

To those who remember, I was not able to attend last year’s convention due to illness. In my place, Chief Judge Eric Holcomb took care of all exhibit duties and did a fine job. As I am no longer on the board of directors, all my duties were to cease at the end of my term at last year’s convention. President Lisa Loos contacted me and asked if I would continue to serve as Exhibit Chairman, to which I agreed. Therefore, I have returned to handling convention exhibits. This is my report for 2009.

As usual, there were few but excellent exhibits. The judging of the competitive exhibits was carried out by Chief Judge Eric Holcomb, Del Cushing and Al Westerhof. My sincere thanks to all of them for donating their time to perform a difficult task. Following are the results of their work. (See table above.)

Congratulations to all the winners.

It occurred to me that most people do not know what exhibit winners receive for their awards, and thus never have seen any. Since the PNNA cannot afford to carry awards on hand for all the classes and placements to be presented at the convention, as the cost would be prohibitive, awards are custom made after the convention and mailed to the recipients.

A 3x4” or 5x7” plaque is made by Northwest Numisplastics which has the proper information on it. To enhance the award, a feature item is encased in the plaque. For first place and best of show, a current one ounce Silver Eagle is included. For second and third place (and for the judges), a current show medal is included. These make a very attractive award. These awards are not cheap to produce, and make a nice memento.
Image: PNNA Chief Judge award plaque for 2009.

Looking forward to next year’s exhibits. — Larry Rowe, Exhibit Chairman

“Oregon at 150” Exhibits
The ANA board agreed to a special one-time-only “Oregon at 150” award for the best collector exhibit at the Portland ANA National Money Show™ dealing with Oregon’s Sesquicentennial celebration (1859-2009), including all aspects of the state’s history. We are pleased to report that several exhibits competed for this award!! Results can be found in a press release on the ANA website, or in the May 2009 edition of The Numismatist.