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Exhibit Results at the 2010 PNNA Convention

(When a class is omitted, there were no entries in that class.)

Class 1 — United States and Canadian Coins
1st Place — Thomas A Tullis – The Bald Eagle as Portrayed on
United States Classic Commemorative Half Dollars

Class 4 — World Coins and Paper Money
1st Place — Gerald R. Williams – Rebellion and Expansion: The Greeks in India

The Short Snorter Project exhibit case 1 The Short Snorter Project exhibit case 2 The Short Snorter Project exhibit case 3 The Short Snorter Project exhibit case 4 Class 5 — General or Specialized
1st Place & Byron F. Johnson Memorial (Best of Show) Award —
Tom Sparks – The Short Snorter Project

Judges: Del Cushing, Tom Sheehan.

2010 Convention Exhibit Report by Larry Rowe, Exhibit Chairman

Once again, the exhibits at this year’s PNNA convention in Tukwila were of excellent quality, but not very many were entered. Exhibitors at ANA work very hard for many weeks and months to construct their displays and are very excited about the competition. What is lacking at PNNA that more collectors don’t enter exhibits? Perhaps it is because we are drawing from a smaller membership base than ANA. This exhibit chairman has done several things over the years to stimulate exhibiting without any great results. It would be a shame to discontinue exhibiting at PNNA; it is  part of the convention experience. If you have any suggestions on how to improve competitive exhibiting, write to PNNA president Lisa Loos and offer your suggestions to her. I have served as your Exhibit Chairman for many years now, and it has been my pleasure to work with all who have exhibited. This is my final year that I volunteer for any numismatic committee. The time comes when you must pass on the duties to younger people. I have served in many capacities and enjoyed every bit of it.

See above for the results of this year’s competitive displays. It should be noted that although there were no 2nd or 3rd place awards, the 1st place winners had to score a minimum average of 75 points by the judges to qualify for 1st place. There was also a non-competitive exhibit displayed: J. Eric Holcomb, Apollo 13 40th Anniversary. {Eric is the Chief Judge and is unable to exhibit competitively.}

Congratulations to all winners. They will receive award plaques for their entries. I wish to thank Tom Sheehan and Del Cushing for volunteering to serve as judges, and also Eric Holcomb for serving as Chief Judge. Their work is very much appreciated.