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Exhibit Results at the 2015 PNNA Convention

(When a class is omitted, there were no entries in that class.)

Class 1 — United States and Canadian Coins
1st Place — Benjamin M. – Butterfly Coins of Canada.

Class 2 — United States and Canadian Paper Money
1st Place and People's Choice Award —
Anthony Kalt – Courtesy Autographs. (Photos show first four of eight cases.)

Class 4 — World Coins and Paper Money
1st Place & Byron F. Johnson Memorial (Best of Show) Award —
Gawain O'Connor – Collecting Twentieth Century World Coins in 1940.
2nd Place — Kevin Au – Silver Sixpence of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.
3rd Place — Alexander M. – Coins of Morocco.

Class 5 — General or Specialized
1st Place — Kevin Au – WWII Dutch Silver Coin Art.
2nd Place — Benjamin M. – Elemental Coins.
3rd Place — Alexander M. – Alphabet Soup.

Class 6 — Pacific Northwest Numismatic Material
1st Place & C.E. “Hepp” Heppner (Best Token & Medal) Award —
Dan Vornbrock – 1854 Hudson Bay Company Tokens.

Judges: Danny Bisgaard, Del Cushing, Ken Hill, James Reinders, Tom Sheehan and Tom Tullis.
Chief Judge: Eric Holcomb.
Exhibit Chairman: Dan Vornbrock.

2015 Convention Exhibit Report

See above for the results of this year’s competitive displays. There were 12 exhibits in 32 cases, the highest in quite a number of years. Thanks to all the exhibitors! One of the exhibits was a non-competitive display of PNNA convention memorabilia maintained by Del Cushing.

Congratulations to all the winners. They will receive award plaques for their entries. Thank you to the judges listed above, to Eric Holcomb for serving as Chief Judge, and to Dan Vornbrock for serving as Exhibit Chairman again this year. Their work was very much appreciated.