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History and Contributors to the Catalog
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Cushing_50.jpg (19487 bytes)Del Cushing The Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association was founded in 1940, and issued its first medal at the third convention held in 1946 in Centralia, Washington. Many additional memorabilia items, mostly medals and wooden nickels, came along over the years. Most of these items commemorate the annual conventions. It wasn't too long before many varied items were out in the collecting community. One member of PNNA recognized that unless someone tried to keep an account of all that was issued, much would be lost over the years. So it became an interest of PNNA life member Mr. Del Cushing to collect as much as was possible to preserve it for posterity. Del was able to assemble an extensive collection of PNNA memorabilia. A few years ago, the PNNA board recognized the historical significance of Del's collection, and accepted Del's offer to sell the collection to the PNNA. This collection is preserved in plastic holders and displayed at PNNA annual conventions. Later an interested party devised a catalog numbering system to identify all PNNA memorabilia. Since Del Cushing was the pioneer in preserving these items for history, the catalog numbering system was named after Del in his honor. (Introduction by Larry Rowe.)

In Memoriam - Longtime PNNA Honorary Life Member and former editor Del Cushing passed away in September 2018. See the president's message in the 4th Q 2018 issue of The Nor'wester for more details.

Norm Mikat Norm, shown here speaking about Tacoma-Lakewood Coin Club memorabilia, was an expert on the memorabilia of Washington State numismatic clubs. Norm discovered a sizeable number of PNNA memorabilia items that were not in the Cushing collection, and generously loaned those pieces for photography or provided scans. (Most of the catalog items highlighted in red - meaning not in the PNNA collection - were discovered by Norm.) The PNNA gratefully acknowledges Norm for these efforts and for his support of the PNNA.

In Memoriam - Former PNNA member and catalog contributor Norm Mikat passed away on May 12, 2020. In addition to being a successful coin shop dealer, Norm was very active in the Tacoma-Lakewood Coin Club, also contributing to the club's catalog.

Holcomb_50.jpg (18899 bytes)Eric Holcomb Eric is the PNNA editor, webmaster and photographer, and is responsible for the design and layout of the memorabilia catalog, both the web version and the CD version.

Larry RoweLarry Rowe Larry served the PNNA in many capacities over the years, including on the PNNA Board of Directors. Larry was a collector of PNNA memorabilia, and contributed extensively to the development of the Cushing numbering system and to the review of the memorabilia catalog.

In Memoriam - Larry Rowe of Vancouver, Washington, PNNA honorary life member HLM 22 and past Seattle and Portland ANA convention general chairman, passed away October 3, 2014.

Moneyer Greg Franck-Weiby, shown here hand-striking silver souvenir "coins" using methods similar to those used to make coins in ancient and medieval times, contributed a great deal of information about his designs from 2003 to date. In fact, so much information that much of it appears on separate pages linked to the catalog pages!

In Memoriam - Gregory Paul Franck-Weiby (1950-2011) of Silverton, Oregon, passed away on November 11, 2011. Greg was well-known as a numismatist, artist and peace activist, and he designed PNNA convention "tokens" for many years.

Ken Purcell One of the founding members of the Boeing Employees' Coin Club, Ken has been active in numismatics, including the collecting of PNNA memorabilia, for many years. Ken has supplied valuable information about a number of items in this catalog, including the 1973 woods and the 1978 medals. Ken also donated the 1980 souvenir post card and envelope pictured in the catalog.