The PNNA Memorabilia Catalog

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This composite image of PNNA memorabilia (including artwork for the 2005 "token" design),
was used on the cover of the 2005 convention special edition of The Nor'wester.

The Cushing Catalog Numbering System for PNNA Memorabilia

PNNA Memorabilia Catalog information

  • Cushing numbers begin with the following prefixes:
    • C (convention issues),
    • CB (convention badges),
    • CP (convention programs),
    • NC (non-convention issues),
    • B (buttons),
    • E (elongated coins regardless of convention or not) and
    • WA (Washington State items distributed by the PNNA).
  • Prefixes may be followed by a four-digit year number. (Previously two-digit year numbers were used, prior to updating to four digits in Jan. 2019.)
  • Letter suffixes (beginning with "a") are used only where required because of new discoveries.
  • Some of the information found on these pages is uncertain and incomplete. As more accurate information becomes available, these web pages will be updated. Please contact the PNNA if you are aware of any items that are not listed, or if you have more information.
  • Most of the pages below should print on a single 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper, with a margin setting of 0.5 inches on all sides. These pages do not contain navigation links to the rest of the PNNA web site. Use the "Index" link to return to this page, then choose "PNNA Homepage" or "Info Page."
  • Many of these items were made and distributed in very limited quantities, and are difficult to obtain, although there are also more common items. In some years, left-over wooden nickels were distributed at the Washington State (Puyallup) Fair in September, and now elongated coins are distributed at the Fair. If you are interested in collecting PNNA or other local coin club memorabilia, please contact the PNNA and/or the Northwest Token and Medal Society.
  • See below for copyright and usage information.
PNNA Memorabilia Catalog
Page Convention Years Page Convention Years Page Convention Years
Page 1 1946 to 1949 Page 15 1979 to 1980 Page 29 2009 (ANA show)
Page 2 1950 Page 16 1981 to 1982 Page 30 2010 to 2012
Page 3 1951 to 1954 Page 17 1985 to 1986 Page 31 2015 (ANA show)
Page 4 1955 to 1958 Page 18 1987 to 1989 Page 32 2015 (75th anniv)
Page 5 1959 to 1962 Page 19 1990 Page E-1 Elongateds - spring
Page 6 1963 to 1964 Page 20 1992 to 1995 Page E-2 Elongateds - fair
Page 7 1965 Page 21 1996 to 1998 Page E-3 Elongateds - fall
Page 8 1966 to 1968 Page 22 1999 to 2002 Page E-4 Elongateds - other
Page 9 1969 Page 23 2003 Convention Badges
Convention Programs
Page 1 - up to 1999
Page 2 - 2000 to date
Page 10 1970 Page 24 2004
Page 11 1972 to 1973 Page 25 2005
Page 12 1974 to 1975 Page 26 2006 Non-convention wood issues
Page 13 1976 to 1977 Page 27 2007 Undated buttons
Page 14 1978 Page 28 2008 to 2009  
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The PNNA Memorabilia Catalog

Copyright Information
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Photography by Eric Holcomb.

Eric Holcomb and Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association, 2001-2020. All rights reserved except as indicated. Licensed for private non-commercial use. Coin club and school educational use permitted and encouraged. Limited editorial use by the news media is also permitted and encouraged. This material may be used as a reference for commercial transactions, but the actual images may not be sold or used for commercial advertising purposes without written permission of the copyright owners.

The PNNA also gratefully acknowledges longtime member Norm Mikat for loaning a number of pieces for photography that are not currently in the PNNA collection. See the catalog history page for more info.